Tips That Will Help Your Toddler Have A Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  There is so much fun stuff for our little ones todo, but all the scary stuff can be too much for them.  Here are a few quick tips that might help make Halloween fun for your little ghosts and goblins.


Take a walk in the light of day.  If you are planning to take your small child door to door to trick or treat you might want to take them for a walk around that neighborhood during the daylight hours.  That way they can get a good look at the decorations when it is not quite so creepy.  This will help make things not so scary that night.


Keep your mask and makeup to a minimum.  Children don’t like it when Mom or Dad don’t look like they are supposed to.  Some children find it very unsettling.  So when you are choosing your costume try to find something that still lets you look like you.  


Start early.  Lots of the older kids and people in scarier costumes don’t come out until later in the evening.  It is getting dark pretty early these days so if you start then you can get to quite a few houses and back home, get your little one tucked in bed before the scary monsters even get started.


Wear a light that identifies you to your children.  It gets dark early and in some neighborhoods there can be lots of parents and kids going to the same houses.  The thing that will give your child the most comfort is if they can turn around after they get their candy and instantly know where you are in the dark.  So find a light that flashes or a hat that glows or something that lets your kid know where you are even in the dark. (It might be good for your child to have one too, so it is easy for you to pick them out in a crowd of children.)


Comfort is key.  There are so many absolutely adorable costumes out there for babies and toddlers that surely there are some that are comfortable too.  It’s not really fair to put babies or toddlers in bulky and awkward costumes and expect them to be happy and enjoy the night.  And if your little one never wears hats or hoods or masks it is unreasonable to think they will leave those on for their costume.  


If they are scared don’t push it.  Telling a small child that its just pretend and that there is nothing to be afraid of while they are in the middle of being terrified by some monstrous thing they just saw is just not fair.  They should be able to run to you for comfort and support.  They will see that you are calm and confident and that will ease their fears, but they should always know that you are a safe place to run to if they are scared.


Nobody loves dress up and make believe more than small children.  Halloween can be a truly magical time for even the littlest trick or treaters.  Happy Halloween.