It has been clear to me since I first began working with Melanie Snell that she has deeply internalized Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach. With her warm and open presence, Melanie has a way of immediately putting children and parents at ease. She is a keen observer with fresh insights to share and a gift for articulating them. Melanie will be a blessing to anyone lucky enough to attend her classes!

--- Janet Lansbury  Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting

Melanie Snell inspires me to be a better mother… to pay attention to my insights, to listen to my children, to find ways to be patient in the midst of raging hormonal storms (those of the kids or my now).  She’s like a calmer, wiser Mary Poppins.  She reminds me to continue searching for ways to improve how I interact with my two guys, and also that it’s okay to feel frustration because — let’s be honest — this parenting thing is HARD.    

Seriously.  I would wear a “WWMD” (What Would Melanie Do) bracelet, because it’s something I often think when presented with a tough parenting moment.

Melanie is a magical combo of friend and mother who somehow manages to balance being the most imaginative, inspiring, fun-loving, teaching parent you can ever imagine, and yet not making you feel like you are doing it wrong.  In fact, Melanie will remind you that you're doing fine, and then she’ll find a way to help you do it a little easier, in a way that’s a little more fun, and in a place where you feel just a little more support.

— Jen Klein, “Grey’s Anatomy” writer & mother of two feral monkeys… I mean, boys.